Miles Johnson
A designer based in Amsterdam who explores both the design of the now and the near future

Tones & Shades
A digital magazine celebrating the lives and journies of black creatives from around the world

Eric’s Story
Augmented reality application that tells the story of Eric Garner, who was killed by police in 2014

Tentative Podcast
Joining the Tentative podcast to discuss how agencies can better sell design services

Coed:Code Meetup
Joining the Coed:Code meetup to speak about the role ethics in product design

Keep n Touch
A mobile application designed to keep you connected to the ones in your life that really matter

Kobe AR
An interactive AR Experience honoring the life and career of Kobe Bryant

London SDD Conference
Delivering a talk at London SDD entitled, Can Designers & Developers Co-Exist Peacefully?

Embroidery AR
Image recognition on textiles to create multimodal interactions and ask what the future holds

Walking While Black
A performance with a companion AR app that show’s the hidden pain behind protest posters

Fringe Arts Bath '18
Interactive posters using conductive ink in the Radical Social Practice exhibition FaB

Co-net Residency '18
Particpating in the Co-net Art Residency and Imaginaria Fotofestival in Oropesa, Spain

Just in Time: Math
An iMessage application designed to deliver quick math challenges between friends and family

Steel Warriors
Helping Steel Warriors in the fight against knife crime by digitizing some of their booking services

Helping a NYC charity streamline it’s experience and get more healthy meals to it’s customers

Xhibit '18
Group exhibition in London for the top artists and designers at University of the Arts London

Tate Exchange
Plan and facilitate a workshop at the Tate to explore the future of souvineers

Inclusion Expert
Digital transformation of one of the UK’s leading teacher training consultancies

Joining Subvisual, a Portuguese agency, for a lunch & Learn to speak about inclusive design

Smart Cookies Panel
Particpating in a panel discussion on accesible and inclusive digital products

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