Conductive Wearable

Date: February 2, 2018
Category Experiment
Topic Wearables

I have recently been experimenting with conductive ink and for this experiment I wanted to use the conductive ink as a sensor that I would use to control a computer. To do this I had to dust off my C++ skills from freshman year of university. I had recently attended the work in progress show for The Royal College of Art’s communication program and there was a project that used a steering wheel to scroll through a series of images. I was interested in doing something similar with the conductive ink. After a few tutorials and failed experiments I was able to work using the proximity sensing ability of the conductive ink to control a scrolling experience. To go one step further I painted the conductive ink on a sleeve of clothing to create a scrolling wearable. Right now this is an experiment with communication methods and weables.

A wearable protest tool or clothing item is one of my interests for my final project so this is one more step in that direction.