Unsung Heroes

Date: March 1, 2018
Category Talk
Topic Role of the Black Artist
Location London College of Communication

Unsung Heroes of the Industrial Revolution was a film screening and a discussion about black history. Most striking was the attendance. The event only had 4 guests myself included. To be honest it was hurtful to think of a student body of 20,000 students and to realize that the interest in black history was so low. I cannot speak for marketing or campus awareness, but I hope that through my work I can engage people in this topic.

Moving on – Menelik Shabazz was the guest and he screened two of his films, Breaking Point and Blood Ah Go Run. Both films were impressive, sad, and honest. Following the screening we had a chat about the films and the new Black Panther film. Further, I was able to speak with Mr. Shabazz and receive feedback on my work. My main question for him is how to engage people with difficult topics that may be from a foreign culture. For example – how do I engage someone from Japan with racism in America? Mr. Shabazz aptly pointed out that I need to focus more on my message. Given my technical background the medium is typically the challenging and interesting piece of my projects, but the messages are often difficult to approach.

I was very thankful to met Menelik Shabazz, to have received advice and to have seen those films. I hope to carry his investigative spirit through to my next experiments.