Rapid Response

Date: December 8, 2017
Category Exhibition
Topic Influential Objects
Location Victoria & Albert Museum

For our first field trip we attended the Victoria and Albert Museum. This was my first time visiting the museum. We were asked to explore and respond to the Rapid Response Gallery. This gallery is a composition of objects collected in response to historical events. Items of note were, the Refugee Flag used in the Olympics, the Pussy Hat worn at the Women’s March, and the Burkini.

I took particular notice of the Burkini and its controversial place in our culture. In one case it is giving women the opportunity to swim at the beach, but in another case some would say these women should be able to swim in whatever they want. I have no side to take in the debate. What I find interesting is how an object can seeming unlock a new activity for a group of people.

I also looked at the Pussy Hat. It was interesting and uncomfortable to have to explain where the idea for the hat came from to my classmates. I felt embarrassed, sad, and upset that we needed this object in America to make the obvious point that women deserve equal respect and the right to not be threatened or harassed by men.

My takeaway from this visit is the role of culture in design. Design does not need to be confined to the corporate world, but in fact it can be used as an tool to create some change.