Performance Society

Date: December 11, 2017
Category Text
Topic Performance
Editors Yvan Martinez and Joshua Trees

Performance Society, edited and designed by Yvan Martinez and Joshua Trees, examines the role performance plays in our everyday lives through short writings and images. One of  the writings ‘An Act of Sincerity,’ is a transcribed conversation between Loes Claessens and Kristen Spruit in which they discuss design and the role of performance within it. This work has expanded my critical perspective beyond user centered design and introduced me to topics such as designing for the near future and poetic design.

In the conversation Spruit defines the concept of poetic design as communication that has a further level of engagement that asks the viewer to think critically.

‘[Poetic design] conveys an extra layer of substance for reflection and contemplation on the viewer’s part.’ (108)

This conversation builds on Dunne’s theory of para-functionality from Hertzian Tales, which he defines as a type of design used to engage users critically with how an object or experience is impacting their behavior. (43) These theories have encouraged me to experiment with engaging users in activism in a critical capacity.