Nelly Ben Hayoun

Date: November 22, 2017
Category Talk
Topic Discovering Your Practice

On November 22nd French Designer Nelly Ben Hayoun came to speak to the graphic design communication course at Chelsea. Throughout her talk Hayoun continually impressed upon us the importance of perseverance. She told the story of feeling stuck at the end of her degree and that her professor told her “we’ll see who’s still here in 10 years.” This sentiment helped inform us that it takes time and hard work to become successful. She also did an excellent job of inspiring us as designers, creators and problem solvers.

“Design is not about problem solving, but it’s more about problem finding.”

Personally, I found Hayoun to be thoughtful, determined, and positive. As someone who is entering the Art and Design world for the first time I feel there are many possibilities for my career and practice. Hayoun did a lot of experimentation on her way to defining her practice and I hope that I can work hard to experiement and find mine.