Hello, We’re From The Internet

Date: April 2, 2018
Category Case Study
Topic Augmented Reality

We’re From The Internet by the collective MoMAR. The group of eight artists transformed the Jackson Pollock gallery in the Museum of Modern Art in New York City using augmented reality. Danjan Pita, one of the artists in the collective, states that ‘[o]ur main idea is to democratize open spaces.’ While MoMA is open to the public, the public has no control over the content placed inside. The collective seeks to draw attention to this lack of public control over ‘public’ spaces. There are two main methods within this project that have helped me to frame my practice. First, like Syjuco, MoMAR open-sources the materials necessary to create their project. Second, the group’s work was not only an intervention, but a reflection. The works created did not merely cover the content in the Pollock room, but they interacted with the paintings already there. This structure allows participants to remain grounded in the real space, in turn making MoMAR’s message more potent. If the room was obscured completely, in a virtual reality experience, then the relationship between the real and the imaginary would disappear, making the specificities of the location irrelevant. In my practice I intend to make participants aware of both the real and digital spaces they are inhabiting.