Keep Touch

Stay in touch with your friends and loved ones with Keep Touch. This application is designed to gently remind you using notifications to contact your friends and loved ones on a regular basis. 

Use this app to remind you to reach out to that old friend or to that family member that you sometimes lose touch with. 


Add people that you want to stay in touch with 

Get regular reminders to catch up with your friends and loved ones

Set the app to dark mode to fit your style


You must give the app permission to send notifications if you would like to receive the regular reminders.

Privacy Policy:

Keep Touch does not record your use of the app in any way nor does it have the ability to share your data with any third party services. When you delete the app all of your data is deleted permanently and can not be accessed by anyone.

The Team

This app was design and built by Miles Johnson with illustrations by Sophia Pohl. Special thanks to Nick Charlton, Luke Mitchell, Luda Agodio, Erin Johnson, and Laurie Young for their help and support throughout the design and development process.