Google Jacquard

Date: December 22, 2017
Category Case Study
Topic Smart Clothing

Project Jacquard is a collaborative effort between Google and Levi’s to create an interactive jacket. The jacket allows the wearer to perform common digital tasks such as skipping a song or reading incoming messages. The project centers around the cuff of the jacket which houses gesture sensing threads. Electronics within the sleeve wirelessly connect to your mobile device and allow the wearer to interact with just a brush of the cuff. Jacquard is a strong example of the near future of fashion and technology, but my focus relating to this case study is on the interactions. In my project I hope to create objects or experiences that feel natural or that are already learned through memory. Jacquard does a nice job of giving the wearer a digital experience, without forcing them to move in unnatural ways.

This project straddles the line between imaginary and real. That allows them to reach for more, while still remaining relevant and approachable to users. That is the place that I would like to situate my practice.