Date: March 1, 2018
Category Exhibition
Topic Iconoclasts
Location Saatchi Gallery

I made it just in time to visit the Saatchi Gallery (The number one museum of social media for what it’s worth) to see the Iconoclasts: Out of the Mainstream exhibition. Iconoclasm relates peripherally to my topic of activism. Iconoclasts features the work of Maurizio Anzeri, Matthew Chambers, Daniel Crews-Chubb, Josh Faught, Aaron Fowler, Danny Fox, Makiko Kudo, Dale Lewis, Thomas Mailaender, Kate MccGwire, Renee So, Douglas White and Alexi Williams-Wynn. The artist employ unusual and unique image and textile making technologies to produce their work. In some instances the medium is iconoclastic while the message remains an image common to museum walls.

The artists are able to communicate notions of defiance through their chosen mediums or how they alter common mediums. For instance, one artist hand embroiders on top of traditional photography in order to manipulate the focus-points of the image. This allows the artist to alter what the viewer sees and in what order. This, like the work in the Acts of Disruption is about intervention – A method that I will bring to my experimentation.