iCONIQ Style Mobile

Client: iCONIQ Style
Date: January 11, 2017
Services: Mobile Application Design

In a recent project I worked with a client to update their mobile application, iCONIQ Style. The app is used to help people find professional stylists and share their latests fashion styles with their community. My goal was to simplify the interface and to make it easy for users to complete their main goals (post styles, create outfits, follow friends, etc.). Through research, client feedback, and guidance from the lead designer at my firm, I was able to come up with some exciting new designs.

These are the initial sketches used to piece together the new direction for the iCONIQ Mobile App.

This is a user flow map used to outline the app (from the client-seeking-stylist point of view). This helped refine the features and to define the project’s scope.

This is a moodboard that I created to help the iCONIQ team choose a direction in terms of colors, textures, fonts etc.

This is the start screen and the login page. The goal was to keep things simplistic while still injecting a lot of color and vibrance.

These are the pages in the ‘Discover’ section of the app. A client can look for other clients to build their community or they can search for stylists to hire.

These are the pages in the ‘Runway’ section. A client can browse looks and view details about the looks such as the price and where to buy the items shown. The tag style design was done by the lead designer at my firm.