Here & Now Posters

Date: February 16, 2018
Category Experiment
Topic Digital Posters

Following my experiments with conductive ink I was interested in creating a finished experience that could be tested a critiqued. A lot of my work so far has been about digitizing existing protest objects so for this experiment I chose to work with posters. First, I looked for photos from the Eric Garner protests in New York City. Second, I recreated these posters with similar materials and conductive ink. I then located videos of the protest and downloaded the audio. Finally, I mapped unique audios to each poster. The result was that when you put your hand near a given poster it would play an audio from the protest. I was hoping to give the participant a feeling as if they were at the protest.


It was suggested to think more about what audio will be chosen. Does it need to be audio from the protest? Does it need to be directly related? Could it be another step in the understanding of the user rather than reinforcing the current message. The placement of the posters on the wall have a distinct museum quality – this aspects brings viewers away from the protest experience.

I am curious about trying to recreate graffiti and painting directly onto the wall – we’ll see.



This work was selected and shown in the Fringe Arts Bath festival in Bath, UK. Please visit this link to get more information on the exhibition.