Future Souvenirs

Date: April 18, 2018
Category Exhibition
Topic Augmented Reality

In January I had the fortune to work with a group of classmates to create a workshop to be held at the Tate Exchange. The workshop invited visitors to rethink and re shape the values and effects of present day objects before sending them to the future as souvenirs.


A collection of souvenir makers (MAGDC) have the good fortune of taking over a souvenir making factory for a day. After collecting various objects from our everyday lives the souvenir makers open up the next stage of work “Transformation” to the public. In this stage of work the public, as co-workers, will assign the objects to one of 4 new Production Lines. The Production Lines are themed as follows e.g Production Line 1: Hope, Production Line 2: Disrupt etc. Using their personal experiences and desires for the future the visitors will note on the ‘specification sheet’  why they would like to assign the object to a production line (and how it should manifest). Visitors then assign a souvenir maker with their ‘specification sheet’ to complete the Sample Making stage of production. Images of the samples are then distributed to the visitors at a later stage via the post.


After the workshop we used the souvenir workshop order forms (that describe the transformations the participants wanted to make to their chosen objects) to create a series of graphics. This project is ongoing, but there are some examples of our initial outcomes below. The order form used to create these images was for a gun that shoots antidepressants.