Date: January 22, 2018
Category Experimentation
Topic Activism
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Clay Peacemaker 

December 18, 2017

Following our work on briefs one through four we were asked to focus on our topic-specific research. My research is on objects of activism. I decided to begin my research by making objects rather than working in the digital space. I came up with the idea of objects that when held comfortably the user would find their hand in the position of a peace sign. I began working with clay as it is a fast and affordable way to prototype. I created three objects, with three unique styles, geometric, natural, and composite. Please see these objects within the portfolio.

Walnut Peacemaker

January 03, 2018

Following my work with clay I wanted to work with new materials. I also wanted to create more permanent objects. To do this I decided to work with walnut wood which is hard, but still lends itself to carving and sanding. After cutting a block down to a workable size I used a combination of whittling tools and sandpaper to fashion this object. Then I finished the wood with a natural beeswax and oil mixture which makes it soft to the touch. It is influenced by both the geometric and the natural clay peacemaker objects from part 01. Please see this object within the portfolio.

Ring Peacemaker

January 15, 2018

The final experiment in my series of peacemaker objects was influenced by my desire to learn about poetic design. This ring is designed to be parafuctional. It can serve as a stylish object or if turned 90 degrees it can become a peacemaker object. My hope was to design something that helped people reflect on the fact that activism can happen anywhere and at anytime. It is influenced by the previous peacemaker objects and made of walnut. The finish is a mixture of gold leaf and olive oil. Please see this object within the porfolio.

Knit Badge

January 15, 2018

In order to create objects that are either for activists or to challenge viewers to reflect on activism I am trying to experiment with many different materials. I have been thinking about textures and artisan products as one avenue of engagement. In this vain I decided to knit a protest badge with the message ‘CHANGE’ on it. This object was influenced by the pussy hats from the Women’s March on Washington that took place on January 20, 2017. The handmade nature of it helped me as a maker feel ownership of the message and it I think an object like this would be interesting if it was made with visitors in some sort of exhibition or workshop.