Disobedient Objects

Date: November 24, 2017
Category Exhibition
Topic Activism
Gallery The V&A

Disobedient Objects was an exhibition held at The Tate from 26 July 2014 – 1 February 2015. It was recommended to me as my initial research was on the future of objects. Brief 04 forced me to dig deeper and to define what kind of objects I was interested in. Given my earlier work on Brief 01 about police brutality and the US media I decided to explore objects used in protests. Further, I posed a question; What does the future of objects used in protests look like. Disobedient Objects was a helpful exhibition to review because it gave me an understanding of the breadth of objects used to empower and fight for varying causes across the world.

The most interesting object in the exhibition was a barricade by Berlin-based arts collective, Tools for Action. They developed a barricade with a similar construction principle. Modular lightweight sculptures made of insulation foil are filled with air and attached together with velcro. A set of cube-shaped units (like cobblestones) can be quickly inflated at different locations, forming a line that hinders sight and movement when brought together en masse.