Common Works

Date: March 14, 2018
Category Workshop
Topic Quick Ideation

The guys from Common Works Studio came in to run a workshop with us to help us with our creativity. To do this they first briefed us about the importance of experimenting and thinking through making. Following our conversation we used a brief generator, developed in their studio, to generate random briefs for us to work on. I completed two briefs in this session.

Brief 01

Explore activism through the medium of masks and sellotape suitable for a football match.


For my output I created a mask that distorted the bottom half of the viewers eyes so that they could not easily view their phones at the match. The theory behind the mask was to provoke people into watching the mask directly rather than being focused on chronicling it for their social platforms.


Brief 02

Explore race in America through the medium of zines and a phone suitable for toddlers.

Digital Zine

For my output I created a digital interactive zine for parents and toddlers. The zine poses a series of questions like “Who is the smartest?, Who is the richest?, or Who is the most athletic?” The toddler/parent can then organize a set of individuals based on their beliefs about them. The goal of these interactions is for the parent to have the opportunity to locate and biases their toddler has towards people of different races or genders. Following the interactives the zine goes on to display poems and comics related to race in America.

I felt really proud of this effort because I was able to build an interactive experience in only 1 hour. In my previous experimentation I have struggled to produce interactive work as I am so concerned about the outcome. I think this workshop was very helpful for many students, but for me in particular it was a reminder that what I need to work on is my message and the technical side will follow.

Thank you to Commonworks Studio for all the help and feedback!