Christmas Street

Client: Personal
Date: December 24, 2016
Services: Illustration

While doing research for my family’s 2016 Christmas card design, I came across Timo Kuilder, a designer who created a Christmas illustration featuring a streetlamp that illuminates in a the shape of a Christmas tree. I built upon his on his work by redrawing and then animating it to create a flickering effect. I then drew a bench and a phone booth to fill out the illustration. Together these three images that depict a street called Christmas Street.

This is an illustration of a classic British telephone booth situated on Christmas Street.

This is a static version of the street lamp.

This illustration shows a park bench. To add motion to the illustration windy I drew a red bandana flowing in the wind.

This is an animated version of the streetlamp. This animation imitates the moment when a streetlight begins to flicker on. I used the Principle App to complete the animation.