Brief 04 – Library

Date: November 17, 2017
Category Brief
Topic Connecting Research

In Brief 04 we were asked to dive deep into our research and begin to discover/make new connections. To do this we were asked to create a library exhibition to present our research. My research is on the future of objects used in protests. One of the key aspects of the exhibition was that it should allow the user to experience and interact with the research. It should NOT just regurgitate our research for them to view. In part one we presented plans for what we might do for our exhibition. In part two we presented our exhibition. I did a live coding lecture to present my research.

Part 01


In part one we were asked to brainstorm three ideas for our exhibition. I decided to do some sort of technical exhibition. My ideas were all surrounding the idea of allowing the user to create their own protest object of the future. After speaking with Yvan I decided to go with live-coding.


Allow the user to be a creator. If you do live coding it is much more of a conversation about the aesthetics of institutional power.

Where do you want to go with your research?

Part 02


Putting together the exhibition was difficult. I went back and forth on ideas, from ipad interactive apps to live coding experiences. I decided to go with a live coding experience. In this I wrote an algorithm with input from the audience to measure the effectiveness of protest objects. Once written we created made up objects in order to measure their ‘success.’ The point I wanted to get across was that as activists we cannot just measure our movement with some sort of number, but that as a group we have to build our own understanding of success. Too often media or other institutions will try to diminish a cause, but what matters is what you as a participant come away with in the end.


I could be clearer about my goals of the presentation. It was ambitious and I am glad I tried it!

If you had more time, what might you do differently?

Next Steps

I would like to continue exploring live coding as performance. I think it is a really nice way to engage people and the code becomes more palatable because we are doing it live together. I need to continue to improve as a developer and think about projects/presentations that would lend themselves well to live coding performances.