Brief 03 – Scenography

Date: November 6, 2017
Category Brief
Topic Scenography

In Brief 03 we were asked to explore the practice of scenography. We were given a choice to explore scenography through 4 themes; light, space, sound, and tactility. I chose space and was grouped with 4 other classmates. In part one we were asked to create a demo of how our scene/experience would work. As a group we decided to work with shadows. In part two we were asked to create an exhibition that would be open to the public in which we could showcase our experience. For this we created a two part experience. First, the user would copy a set of actions they see on screen and second, they would sit behind a curtain and listen to an audio while the shadows of the next viewer (copying the actions on the screen) were displayed on the wall next to them.

Part 01


In part one we were asked to explore scenography through the theme of space. We had a seminar with David Cross to help with our ideation process. As a group we decided to work with the concept of mental space as opposed to physical or galactic space. Diving deeper into mental space we focused on microaggressions. We had two parts, first the user would copy the actions on a video related to cooking. Second, the user sits on an uncomfortable chair while listening to eire and inaudible sounds effects. There is a curtain between them and a projector to project the first person’s shadows onto the wall next to the second user who’s listening to the audio.


There were too many moving parts. The project does not tie back to the idea of new knowledge and the enlightenment (as it should).

Why did you choose cooking movements for the user to copy?  

Part 02


For part two we had to reread the brief and gain some more understanding of the aspect the enlightenment should play. We needed to create an experience that reflects on aspects, stories and imaginings from the enlightenment. The enlightenment involved the discovery of new cultures along with myths being formed. We decided to play on this by building on part one and making the project present one event two different ways. First the user would cook in a multicultural kitchen and have ‘fun.’ Second, the user would see those same ‘fun’ motions as shadows and feel fear and anxiety. Our hope is to show how simple and seemingly harmless actions can actually come off as aggressive depending on the context. To do this we decided to run with the cooking idea and place the user in a multicultural kitchen. We build a multicultural kitchen and an artificial wall as to create an immersive experience.


The scene was well organized and felt like a real kitchen. The audio could have been more obvious in its intention.

Next Steps

If given the chance it would be great to display this project on a larger scale. Also using feedback from people would allow us to refine the audio to get our message across. Working as a team was the only way to complete a project of this scale. I would like to work in groups more often going forward.