Brief 02 – Enchantment

Date: October 23, 2017
Category Brief
Topic Enchantment

In Brief 02 we were asked to examine enchantment. To facilitate this we each had to choose an object that enchanted us and then create something separate that could communicate that same enchanting feeling. I chose a vase. I experimented with many things such as fashion, 3d printing, and illustration. In the end I created a set of postcards mounted on aluminum.

Part 01

Print/Sculpture/3d printing/Fashion

My initial enchanting object was a vase that reminded me of my mother. I tried to focus on non-technical means for my work on this project. I created a postcard showing a childhood memory of me watering plants. I also created a 3d printed vase that could be worn as a necklace because my mother loves jewelry. Lastly, I designed a sweatshirt graphic with the words “Water The Plants (and a check mark). The goal of the sweatshirt was to display some level of proudness for doing your chores and helping your mother. Frenec asked me to go further with my postcard as we ventured into part 02 of the brief.


Diverse experimentation was good.

How can you package one of the items for the future?

Part 02


Like brief 01, I tried to move to a place of authenticity and specificity for part 02.  I created postcards of pictures that my mother and I have texted each other. On the other side I showed the messages before and after the picture was sent. I mounted these on aluminum (a technique I learned from a Photofusion exhibition I went to weeks earlier) so they felt like objects/artifacts. I feel that the closer to authenticity and real stories, the better my work becomes. The cards are hung so the viewer can spin them at will to see both sides.


I was not prepared by the start of presentations. I could have gone further and played with the function of the postcard.

Next Steps

I would like to make paper with seeds inside so you can mail the postcard and after reading it the recipient can plant it outside. This would create a living memory of the message. I need to follow through on my experiments!