Brief 01 – Circulations

Date: October 9, 2017
Category Brief
Topic Circulation

In Brief 01 we were asked to examine circulations in our life. We were given a set of themes to work with. I chose to examine ‘Alternative Facts.’ Specifically I chose to research how news of unarmed African Americans gets circulated in America. In part 01 we were asked to illustrate our circulation. I chose to build a website to illustrate this circulation broadly. In part 02 we were asked to go further. For this I decided to build an ipad application using augmented reality.

Part 01


For part one of the brief 01 I tried to present how the U.S media presents police violence and how body cameras might serve to reduce it. I built a website that arranged the circulation like a basketball court. I did this because Basketball is an important activity to the African American community. The website is designed to be interactive and give an overview of the problem. You can view the website here.


The circulation I attempted to visualize was quite general. It would be good to focus on the circulation of one particular incident.

Do I still need to the basketball narrative?

Can I use real data to drive the experience?

Part 02

Mobile Application

Per Sadhna’s advice I tried to tell a more specific story with my project. I chose to tell the story of Eric Garner, who was strangled by a New York City police officer in 2014. This was my first augmented reality application. It presents 8 videos about the killing along with the names of the 29 unarmed African Americans killed by police in the United States since 1999.


The project was immersive and the technology used was impressive. The narrative was lost on some viewers.

What would you like to have surrounding someone while they have this experience?

Next Steps

I need to work on my presentation skills. Also I need to prepare my users to get them into the right mindset before showing such sensitive information. Next I would like to get my application in the hands of strangers and get feedback. I hope to one day submit this application to the app store to help educate people.