NMAACH Audio Tour

Date: September 8, 2017
Category Mobile Application
Client Clearly Innovative

In the spring of 2017, while working at Clearly Innovative, I was fortunate enough to assist on the design and development of an audio tour application for The Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture. Our team was tasked with creating a modern audio tour experience for the iPod touch. Our goal was to mimic some of the common functionality from podcast and music players, while maintaining the NMAAHC branding that Clearly had developed on their previous project, Mobile Stories.

On the team, my role was to design and build the front end of the application in Swift 3.0. In the design phase, I worked under the lead designer to generate wires and to organize small user testing experiments. To do this I used Principal to create various interactions and animations. Following the departure of the lead designer I took over the role and managed the transition of the design from low to high fidelity.

To speed up the transition I began building the interface in Xcode so we could begin running our interface tests on devices. My role on the development side was to complete the interface and to build in state machine functionality using ReSwift. The lead developer built in the caching functionality while my second teammate built the back-end.

This project was a great experience to implement the full breadth of my skill set and is due to be in used at the museum this Spring.