Acts Re-Acts 5

Date: March 1, 2018
Category Exhibition
Topic Theatre & Performance
Location Wimbledon College of Arts

Acts Re-Acts is a festival of sorts featuring various types of live performance put on by the Wimbledon College of Arts Performance Laboratory. I attended for the first day looking for inspiration and perhaps to discover new modes of communication. All the performances I viewed (and even participated in one) were entertaining and thought provoking. The performance that I felt most interested me was a piece by Richard Layzell, Bruce Barber, and Kino Paxton. The performance explored absence and presence. To do this Layzell uses a combination of recorded video and performance in front of the projected video.

I felt that Layzell was playing, in a speculative way, with the audience’s attention and focus. Further he would interact with himself, who was on video, leading to this alternate person performing along with him. I found it curious and I hope to experiment with this concept through augmented reality. For example, what would it look like to see two buildings like the Shard next to one another. I am looking forward to this experimentation.