Acts of Disruption

Date: February 22, 2018
Category Exhibition
Topic Disruption
Location The Concept Space

Given my research topic I was excited when I read the description for the Acts of Disruption exhibition located at The Concept Space. The exhibition features 8 international artists exploring ideas around socio-political issues.

The exhibition responds to the idea that engagement, resistance and disruption are the first steps to build an alternative society.

The exhibition was visually striking with burned tires placed in the middle of the room. All of the works felt connected very closely to the ideas of disruption. I was particularly interested in the film of a man who secretly brings Palestinian milk to an Israeli grocery store and then tries to purchase it. The artist films the encounter with a hidden camera. The result is a first person experience for the viewer. I enjoyed this piece because it showed the importance of intervention in an artist’s work. Not everything has to come from the artist, sometimes it is about framing a situation in a way that is easy for the viewer to digest.