NBA Trades iPad App

I am a big NBA fan and an GIANT Chicago Bulls fan. After this NBA season the salary cap for every team is going to rise by over 20 million due to a new TV deal. What this means is that teams that already have all star players now have the ability to add more all stars, and overall, players can be paid more. As I was thinking about the possibilities I wondered if there was an app that would crunch the numbers and tell me if a trade I proposed would work out financially. Additionally I wanted there to be a way for the user to do research on players and to compare players. This is the first app I have designed for iPad and I definitely need to work on my text spacing, but overall I am pretty happy with it. Below you will find my low and high fidelity mock ups.


Trades Page:




Low Fidelity Team/Player Comparison:

Low Fidelity Team/Player Comparison



High Fidelity Team/Player Comparison:

High Fidelity Team/Player Comparison